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  Shanxi Xinhua protective equipment limited liability company is the country's first five-year plan during the construction of one of the 156 projects.Belongs to China Ordnance Corporation,Is a large-scale combination of military and civilian enterprises.

  It's Chinese largest anti-chemical warfare equipment activated carbon plant and coal production bases. Factory covers an area of 1.223 million square meters, construction of 390,000 square meters, with various types of machinery and equipment-2304,Existing staff 5600, a total of 16 design institutes and production branch a physico-chemical weapons industry measurement of the test center, with rubber, chemicals, machinery, scientific research, production and testing capabilities. Build factories for decades, the country's economic construction, national defense and the development of the cause make an important contribution. Since reform and opening up, factories adhere to the "military-oriented, people-based, diversified and comprehensive development" ideas, has development and production of various gas masks, air purification equipment, and self-help, conveyors, activated carbon and water purifier etc.. Support such as the Beijing subway, and the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall of Shanghai Metro, such as the construction of the state's key projects. Huaqiang built a chemical plant in Hubei and Beijing Guanghua Timber Mill. Forwarders of the Datong Coal Mine in North China Pharmaceutical Factory, 9634 Research Institute of dozens of units Roadway workshops, computer rooms and decontamination works. Factory products won numerous national and provincial-level scientific and technological progress awards, outstanding new product development prizes. 69 IIA tanks filter top award by the country's scientific and technological progress, the 77-absorption filter with 500 National Invention Award, fire-retardant with the national transport scientific and technological progress, such as first prize. The factory in the Middle East, the construction of 141 projects, the construction of gas masks in foreign production lines, a success. Xinhua activated carbon production of the radiation technology to support the construction of a large coal and wood activated carbon plant in the world today in the open, in cooperation cooperation in competition, competition and common development. Shanxi Xinhua Chemical Plant is willing to join hands with friends from various circles at home and abroad and move towards the creation of a better tomorrow.